The Kobalt Shop Stool from Lowes for $69

New Seating for the Workshop

Maybe not in the past year (think pandemic) but I normally spend a good bit of time in my workshop, I guess it's kind of my man cave in a sense.  

Many years ago I had an old banker's stool for the workshop.  It was a pretty solid piece of furniture, with steel supports and legs, and casters making it easy to move around.  But there was something about the size of it that made it a pain to have around.  These were the days before the great basement redo of 2014...

...and back then the workshop had workbenches on opposite walls, leaving precious little floor space.  The orange fabric seat and back support were a little worn, and I think one of the wheels eventually stopped rolling, so away the stool went.  

The kidney stool

One day, while visiting a series of estate sales, I found this little kidney-shaped stool:

No idea what I originally had in mind, but it's obvious the plan was to strip the paint and refinish it.  I think this was one of those times when you start in a direction and realize it just wasn't going to be worth the effort.  In short order it became my workshop stool, even though it was short and originally designed to go with a makeup vanity - if that's what they're called.  

I like making things. I have a wood shop at home. I am a terrible carpenter but I love doing it. - P. J. O'Rourke

Time for a change

I have no idea what happened this morning, but I suddenly had the idea it was time to get a new stool for the workshop.  I thought about a barstool kind of thing, and thought maybe they had something at Lowes.  I no sooner walked in the store and I saw this stool:

I purchased two of these stools for my own garage and have had nothing but compliments on them. I'm not the biggest guy at 5'11", 230lbs, but a few of my friends and my Dad are up there ... the old man being 350lbs, and a grumpy 350 at that. He liked them so much I decided on getting him two of these stools for Christmas (2011). (quote from some guy on the Lowes site)

We'll see how it holds up.  Most of the reviews were pretty good, and it had a rating of 4.5 stars on 143 reviews - not too shabby.  Here's one last shot:

Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!
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