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Welcome to House 173!

House 173

Since 1927 only 12 people have walked on the moon. Even more rare - in that same time, only 7 people have called House 173 their home! We remodel and rebuild realistically, mostly with our own hands and always within our budget. We aren't the Property Brothers and we'll never be on HGTV, but we love our house because, like only five other people in nearly 100 years - House 173 is called home. Come on in and look around!

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Tubular Steel Hammer Cleanup

Kinda Like Dad's Old Hammer But not quite.  This hammer was another find at The Tool Shed .  I …

Vintage Tin Snips Restoration

Red Devil No. 271 This is one of those very satisfying little projects.  Pick up an old rust bucket…

Home Made Wrench Tester

Some Vices Never Leave Remember those kids on the block that always seemed to have the coolest toys…

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