Abstract Art from Everyday Moments

Pics of Stuff that Coincidentally Make for a Bit of Abstract Art

I'm certainly not a great photographer, but every once in awhile I snap a picture that turns out way different than my eye saw at the moment. Today I finally got my car washed, and took some pics while going through!

The Original Pics

The other was taken mere seconds after the first picture, I think in the next phase of the car wash.

After Just a Little Cropping - The Final Product

When I got home, I did a little cropping, just to see if anything interesting could come of these shots.

I dunno, I see rocks in the background with a waterfall flowing from the left with mist rising up from the basin.

In that one I see a derivation of what it is - view of a car with lights on, while driving in a storm. 

And it's not the first time

These kind of lucky shots, while not that frequent, happen once in awhile. Back in June of '19 new windows were installed in the kitchen. Getting a progress picture, I snapped this...

At a glance I loved the way the sky and clouds were so clearly reflected in the window. When I zoomed in on my phone, and played around with some cropping, I ended up with this...

It looks like a storm over a bay to me. I see a little tree-covered peninsula off to the left, with some looming storm clouds and the wind whipping the water up into whitecaps. I considered giving each of the pictures a fancy, artsy kinda name, but I'm just not that creative!

Thanks for checking in and be safe out there,

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