Megapost: Shingling the Back Porch (2011)

What's a Megapost and why this one?

Over the years I have frequently, aw heck, almost always posted about projects as I progressed through them. One downside to succumbing to my all-to-human need for instant gratification is that often, other projects are mixed in between various stages, and sometimes a project occurs over time. The
brilliant idea to address this issue is to combine those several posts over the course of a project is to combine them into a Megapost!  This one is just such a case, a project with other minor projects or posts mixed in between.  So, here's a Megapost about...

Shingling the back porch 

May 26, 2011

We have old, cheap, poorly applied vinyl siding on the house. I hate it. No matter what we do to the house, it only looks as good as the siding - and that's best viewed at night. "Eventually" (god, who knows when) I want to re-side the house, better siding, maybe even a different color. In the meantime, and after putting new windows in the porch last summer, I just wanted the back porch to look better, right now. The front porch is shingled, so I thought - why not? Besides, shingles are pretty inexpensive.

Okay, I didn't exactly get a "before" picture, but at least this time I took one pretty early on in the project!

After removing the old, cheap vinyl siding, I found old, cheap, very thin insulation. Ugh, I bet the whole house is "insulated" with this stuff!

It's always a scary proposition when you start digging around an old house, you just never know what's under there. Well, in this case it was clapboard. Old, broken, weak clapboard.

I decided not to remove the clapboard, after all - you just never know what's under there! So I covered the clapboard with 1/2" plywood.

I'm always paranoid about wood and water mixing. So I Googled "applying cedar shingles" and got the idea to cover the plywood with 30 W tar paper...

See that horizontal board? I got the idea on Youtube...Hang the board, level it and installing each course of shingles becomes quicker, easier and leveler (I know, I know). Beat the heck out of chalk lines!

That's it (for now). Still have to decide on a stain color. I don't think I would like the gray "weathered" look, so - what color? I'm thinking "coffee", but I don't make all the decisions!

All-in-all it was a simple and satisfying job. Next will be the side wall of the porch, and then maybe the upper half of the porch...who knows! Maybe even more of the house!

Shingling the back porch:  Part 2 

June 19, 2011

After shingling the back wall of the back porch, I finally got around to doing the side wall. In the grand scheme of things it hasn't been all that long, but I definitely didn't want to get into the habit of leaving projects "mostly done."

After work last Tuesday, I went outside and ripped off that horrible vinyl siding:

Once again the clapboard was in really bad shape. Once again - 1/2" plywood went over it, then covered in 30W tar paper:

Okay, okay...I realize the courses don't line up, and I'd love to say that was planned, or the result of necessity due to some architectural issue. The truth is - I didn't think about it until the last two courses. Ugh! Oh well, I just can't bring myself to tear it back off and start again. I'm sure the day will come when it'll need replacing! Besides, once the Rose of Sharon has grown and the rain barrel is back in place - it'll be hard to notice! At least that's what I tell myself.

Then came the commitment question: what color? I mean really, this is a pretty serious question because we have plans for the house and we had to decide on colors. Now. We chose Olympic "Ginger" deck stain. In the can it looked olive green and reminded me of my Army days. As I started applying I was panicked! I just couldn't imagine my house that color. But as it dried I lightened to the exact shade of brown I had always pictured! My lucky day!

So this is how it turned out. I'm really liking it. I love the brown vs. white contrast. I think I want to do the upper part of the porch too...but not right now. I think I've had enough of shingling for the moment!


OK, I'm obsessed - One final look

July 04, 2011

I just saw this first picture today and thought it was a good "Before and After" opportunity. In case you haven't been following along - it's about the back porch!



Hopefully I can stop obsessing and any further pictures about the back porch will be incidental!

Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!
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