Made at 173: Hand-Plane Rack

March 4, 2020

Still just puttering around right now, and this time I built a small rack for my hand-planes.  This is one of those funny things that happen to all of us at some time or another - I didn't even realize I needed a rack for the hand-planes until I happened by this picture:  

Suddenly I wondered, how have I lived so long without having one of these??  Okay, that's a little dramatic, but the point is - once I saw one of these I just had to make one.  Now, I like to make as many things from scrap wood as I can, but this time I didn't have any scraps the width I needed so I bought a board for $7.  

This certainly wasn't a complicated project, but it was a fun excuse to spend some time in the workshop!  After cutting the sides (which were totally marked out wrong in the picture above), I cut a small piece of 1/4" plywood for the backing, and used some small strips I had cut from boards on some long-forgotten project to make the dividers...

And here it is dry-fitted into the space which would become its home:

Then it was a matter of painting.  I have FAR too many paints lying about, so I endeavored to, as randomly as I could, just pick a color and go with it.  I have no idea what color it is, it was in one of those sample jars one finds on the discard shelf at Lowes.  It's a kind of blueish gray I suppose...

See the little notch I cut out of the back of the panel?  There's a bolt that's perfectly in the way on the shelf, so I improvised and just went at it with the saw.  But then!...Then I thought, why not line the slots with some felt" Heck, it may even help keep the cutting edge of the plane irons sharp!

Besides that, I have a lot of Gerstner Green Felt leftover from the Gerstner Tool Chest refurb, so why not?

If you've followed House 173 for any amount of time, you know I take lots of pictures, so here's one from the opposite side from the picture above...

And here's the rack in its native habitat...

And straight on.  So now 173 has a hand-plane rack - I can rest easily now!

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