Hello and Welcome to 173!


Since 1927 only 12 people have walked on the moon. Even more rare - in that same time, only 7 people have called House 173 their home! We remodel and rebuild realistically, mostly with our own hands and always within our budget. We aren't the Property Brothers and we'll never be on HGTV, but we love our house because, like only five other people in nearly 100 years - House 173 is called home. 

We have been in this house for about a couple decades now, and 173 was old when we bought it.  The monicker House 173 is derived from the days of my best friend's family, who referred to her father's childhood house as simply, "173".  Since the day we moved in, the house has been "under renovation".  In the beginning the renovations were merely paint, pulling up old carpeting and the like. There have been several "major" projects, but they were pretty well separated by time, mostly due to the fact that we always had to save up the cash to do them.

Well, now the mortgage is paid (yaaaay!) and it's (finally) time to really get busy on this old place!  And that's what this blog is about.  Just a way to chronicle the changes at 173!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to stop by now and again!