Basement Wall Demo

Taking Down the Wall In the Workshop

After my little electrical mishap the other day, the last couple evenings have finally seen the destruction of the laundry room/workshop wall. There really wasn't a great angle to get it all in, but here's a shot of the little wall behind the furnace (I even added an arrow in case you couldn't pick it out):

The little wall gone, time to move on to the main wall. Again, an arrow to help out:

The urge to destroy is also a creative urge. - Picasso

And here it is all torn down. 

I have no idea what the beaver boards said in this case. But let me tell you something...this wall was built to last! It was three layers...under the beaver board was this thin balsa wood-like layer, all nailed to 1x8s! And when I say nailed, I mean about a thousand three inch railroad spikes!

See that electric panel hanging down from the main beam? That provides the service to the kitchen upstairs, and half the laundry room. Half. Anyway, it was nailed to the wall, so - no wall, no support. The weight of the cable itself nearly tore it down. So I had to cob up a temporary support for it - and after my mishap the other day - I wasn't too thrilled to be doing that!

Then tonight was all about clearing out all the rubbish. Now the side yard looks like a trash dump. But it's starting to come together:

Here's a shot looking into the laundry room. We put the tile down several years proceeding will have to be careful.

So the next step will be laying some concrete...we'll see what time I get out of work tomorrow.
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