Replacing the Old Fences: Part 4

The Back Fence

First - a little disclaimer:  This part of the fence was actually completed as far back as June.  Just getting around to posting about it now.  Anyway, the back fence was really the motivator for moving on replacing the fences.  This fence stands at the line with my back neighbor.  This fence, facing east/west depending which side you're on of course, has taken the worst beating of all the fences - sun, wind (hitting it face on), rain, snow - all of it. 

And after 20 years, the back fence was really starting to show its age.  My poor neighbor, maybe the best neighbor one could ask for, was longsuffering as can be, but had hinted a few times that the time had come to replace the fence.

More and more clearly every day, out of biology, anthropology, sociology, history, economic analysis, psychological insight, plain human decency and common sense, the necessary mandate of survival that we shall love all our neighbors as we do ourselves, is being confirmed and reaffirmed. - Ordway Tead in "The Forbes scrapbook of Thoughts on the business of life", p. 66, 1950.

Resetting the Posts

The old back fence held up pretty well all these years, but parts had rotted and it just looked a mess.  But the worst part was the posts.  Some of the posts had originally been placed with fence spikes like I used with the little corner fence, and others had just been sunk a few feet into our loamy soil.  Here's a look at 173 from across the neighbor's yard:

This time there would be no shortcuts.  A few minutes of hole-digging, shoring with some scrap wood, some stone fill and about 2 bags of quick-setting concrete...

And this a kind of rinse and repeat situation because three or four posts had to be set.  Not only that, but back in 2019 when the shed was rehabbed, The side that faced the neighbor wasn't painted because the fence was too close.  At that time I knew the day would come when the fence would be removed and that side would be painted.  You can see here, that was quickly done...

You can also see how close the fence was to the shed.  And I just noticed - you can also see the piece of old fence propped horizontally by the shed.  Had to make sure the pooch couldn't get away.  Although, at his age and with his incredible appetite, I doubt he'd go far!

And Just Like That...

We got an early morning start on the back fence so that after letting the water soak into the concrete, there'd be a good 5 or 6 hours for the concrete to set up enough to hang the fence panels.

After the concrete set up, it only took maybe an hour to hang the panels.  I think it was the next day the panels were stained, and just like that - it was done!  And well hey - look at that...there's the new potting bench made right here at 173!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya next time!
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