Fixing the Hallway Clock

August 25, 2019

Way back in '98 or '99 we found this beautiful clock at a yard sale for $5.

When asked if the clock worked, the lady said it did, but lost time almost immediately.  Instantly we knew the problem, she had forgotten Newton's laws of motion, and hadn't adjusted the bob or the lyre.  

The pendulum length dictates how fast or how slow your grandfather clock will keep the proper time. If you take time to adjust it properly, the grandfather clock can keep exceptionally good time for a mechanical timekeeper.
  • The longer you make the pendulum, the slower the grandfather clock.
  • The shorter you make the pendulum, the faster the grandfather clock.
Adjusting the speed of the clock is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk (bob) up or down. This is adjusted by turning the nut at the bottom of the pendulum. Moving it up pushes the “bob” (the round disk) up so the clock will run faster. If you turn the nut as to lower the “bob”, the clock will run slower. The pendulum disk is moved up or down by turning the adjustment nut. - The Clock Depot

Not only did we know what the problem was, the clock was also a perfect fit for 173.  The color was almost a perfect match to the woodwork here, there was also architectural interest in that the column flutes had black accents, and there were acanthus leaves to add interest.  AND - did I say it cost $5?  But the time-keeping wasn't the issue that took so long to fix.  The problem was embarrassingly simple to fix, but it had escaped my mind!  If you look at the picture above it can be quite clear - the top finial is missing!  A number of years ago I bought this finial to put on the clock:

But I just didn't think the shape matched the feel of the clock.  Fast forward waaay too many years, and I finally sought out, purchased, stained and applied a decent finial!

First I had to enlarge the hole in the top of the clock to fit the finial tenon.  I was worried about drilling to deep so I measured the depth, which was almost nothing...

and put a depth collar on the bit...

resulting in the perfect size hole...

And wah-lah after all these years the clock has a finial!

And now the clock looks complete!

Thanks for checking in!

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