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So Close to Done I Can Taste It!

I really hoped this post would be the grand reveal, the final post in what seems an endless stream about one single project.  That just didn't pan out.  Yesterday, the paint on the bookcases had cured enough that I felt comfortable putting books and stuff on them.  The plan was to do that, then finish the baseboards.  But...once again my body reminded me I'm not as young as I once was.  Carrying big boxes of books (there's a lesson there - when packing books, use small boxes!), my back gave out - remnants of an old injury.  Nonetheless, some work got done, and here's a couple pictures!

That's Gramma's clock on the mantel - one of my cherished possessions!

So that's it for now.  With any luck, this project will be in the bag by the end of the week!  That means maybe two last posts to come.  I've done post each step of the way, so that means there'll probably be one about the baseboards, and then - finally - the grand reveal post!  Hang in there frie…

The Dining Room Built-In: Glazing Done!

Last week, painting of the built-in was completed, except for the base.  

The other night I primed and painted the base, with the next step - glazing.  As I mentioned last week, the dining room table, hutch and a plant stand were all painted with Valspar's Polar Star (using Behr paint - one of those oddities of convenience), then glazed with Valspar's Antiquing Glaze.

But you know what?  I only had half a bottle of the Valspar glaze, and it turns out Lowes discontinued that line, and replaced it with a different glaze.  On reading the reviews, it seems the new glaze tended to have a brownish look to it, and with everything else in the dining room having a blackish glaze - well, you know.  So the search was on!  I tried Home Depot, but the lady there said they didn't carry glaze anymore, and suggested I go to a craft store.  I dunno, that was a little off-putting, as in my mind's eye I pictured little bottles of glaze to put on little ceramic projects.  This built-in i…

The Dining Room Built-In: Painting Done (Almost)

The painting is done!  Well, not done done, but kinda done.  All that's left is the base:

I don't know what my hesitation has been with the base, but the fact is, it's time to just get to it.  In the meantime though - the rest of the painting is done!  

There's a couple more steps to go still, and believe-it-or-not, they're slow, tedious steps.  I say that because this project is already at the 8-week mark!  

And a final shot for today:

With what I have planned, that applique will really stand out!  The whole project will get the same treatment as the dining room table

the hutch...

and the plant stand!

Getting anxious to see the final product!!

Special Edition: Happy Birthday Dad!

Confession:  I am terrible about knowing how old someone is.  I always have to do the math.  But for some reason, I can never remember the years my parents were born, so i never know old they are.  Sometimes, people at work will ask me how old they are and they're always incredulous when I say "I think somewhere around...".  Such is the case today.  I always know peoples' birthdays, and today is dad's!  Don't ask, I don't know how old he is.  I know it's 80-something (and if it's younger than that I'm gonna hear about it!).  In honor of this day, 173 submits this Special Edition:  812 - the Home!
This is house where everything started for me.

Kinda your classic, All-American house isn't it?  This is the house of my childhood!  Kinda.  You see, we moved into 812 in 1971, and in 1971 the house looked NOTHING like that!  I don't have many pictures, but let's see what I can put in here to give you an idea...

I know it's a bit fade…

The Dining Room Built-In: Endless Prep

In the last post I mentioned all the sanding that had been done, and all the sanding I still had to do.  Well, the sanding is done!  However, the tedious stuff is still not done - now comes all the prep work...caulking, priming and re-priming.  Before I could start caulking though, I had to soften the sharp edges of the all the wood.  Here's a shot pre-caulk...
After a good cleaning, I got started on the caulking.  For most people this would probably take no time at all, but I'd say I spent a good 5 or 6 hours caulking!  But when it was done, the whole project began to look like something!  Here's my favorite post-caulk picture:
I love how it's starting to look like a real piece and not just a bunch of boards glued and nailed together!  I'm giving the whole built-in two coats of primer because there's a few knots here and there and I hate bleed-through!  When I did the dining room table and the hutch, I used Zinsser's Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer.  It worked pre…

The Dining Room Built-In: The Tedious Stuff

Maybe it's an attention span thing, or just a need for immediate gratification, or just sheer excitement over the thought of seeing this project complete, but whatever it is - this stage of any project is tedious.  It's the really fine details...filling nail holes, and sanding them.  And speaking of sanding - this is tedious sanding!  And sanding, and sanding.
I have big ol' sausage fingers, so filling a tiny nail hole near all these grooves invariably ends up with wood filler in very inconvenient spots, spots very difficult for these old tree branches to get into, even with tiny strips of sandpaper!  I'm also sanding to round over all the edges on all these boards - tedious!
I also filled nail holes, sanded, caulked and primes the crowns for the bookcases.  I think they're going to turn out pretty good.  Then there was the electrical access grommet...
It's already been useful, but I rethought it a little, and decided the grommet really needed to be recessed. …