The Dining Room Built-In: Glazing Done!

Giving it All a Bit of Character

Last week, painting of the built-in was completed, except for the base.  

The other night I primed and painted the base, with the next step - glazing.  As I mentioned last week, the dining room table, hutch and a plant stand were all painted with Valspar's Polar Star (using Behr paint - one of those oddities of convenience), then glazed with Valspar's Antiquing Glaze.

But you know what?  I only had half a bottle of the Valspar glaze, and it turns out Lowes discontinued that line, and replaced it with a different glaze.  On reading the reviews, it seems the new glaze tended to have a brownish look to it, and with everything else in the dining room having a blackish glaze - well, you know.  So the search was on!  I tried Home Depot, but the lady there said they didn't carry glaze anymore, and suggested I go to a craft store.  I dunno, that was a little off-putting, as in my mind's eye I pictured little bottles of glaze to put on little ceramic projects.  This built-in is anything but little!  So, after reading lots of reviews on Amazon about a number of glazes, I settled on General Finishes Pitch Black.

Turns out, I'm glad I found this glaze!  After a little practice it was really easy to use...the key there is practice!  This stuff dries very fast, so much so that I almost messed up badly!  I tried to cover too large an area, and had to work like crazy with some very wet rags to salvage the job!  After I got the feel for it though, it went on nice, and looked great!  Here's a shot:

I'll save other pictures for later.  I love the way the glaze helps highlights some of the architectural details and adds depth to the whole project.  The next step is to install baseboards around the base - this thing is almost done!!
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