The Dining Room Built-In: The Tedious Stuff

More Details!

Maybe it's an attention span thing, or just a need for immediate gratification, or just sheer excitement over the thought of seeing this project complete, but whatever it is - this stage of any project is tedious.  It's the really fine details...filling nail holes, and sanding them.  And speaking of sanding - this is tedious sanding!  And sanding, and sanding.

I have big ol' sausage fingers, so filling a tiny nail hole near all these grooves invariably ends up with wood filler in very inconvenient spots, spots very difficult for these old tree branches to get into, even with tiny strips of sandpaper!  I'm also sanding to round over all the edges on all these boards - tedious!

I also filled nail holes, sanded, caulked and primes the crowns for the bookcases.  I think they're going to turn out pretty good.  Then there was the electrical access grommet...

It's already been useful, but I rethought it a little, and decided the grommet really needed to be recessed.  I'm telling you, it seems like I've used every tool in my workshop for this project, and this was a task for a tool I've actually used very few times, my drill press circle cutter...

I think this is the scariest tool I own, even scarier than the old table saw of death!  I started recessing the hole with that tool on my drill press, but the mantel shelf was just too awkward, so I ended up just using my chisel.  Took a little longer, but it worked out fine.

I also got started on - you guessed it - filling nail holes, sanding and priming the removable shelves:

And that's it...subarctic temps this weekend will probably keep me in the house, so who knows how much will get done!  Of course there's still more sanding to do............
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