Made at 173: Small Stuff Storage

There is No Scrap Wood, Just Pieces Not Yet Used

Yeah, I didn't coin that phrase, there's a book by that title and I've seen some tee shirts for sale on the internet with the phrase too.  It might not be my phrase but it rings true here at 173!  I'm always looking for something to do with scrap pieces, and this is one of those times.

Not Sweating the Small Stuff

For a long time I had one of those '90s lazy susan spice racks. I'm not even sure where I got it, but I used it for years in the workshop to store little odds n ends like glazier's points, tiny brads and so on. Now these things may be great in a kitchen, but in the workshop it was always unstable, difficult to turn and in the way. With the basement (and workshop) redo, I endeavored to do away with useless, unneeded stuff, and this thing almost got tossed. But i like the little jars for storage, so I held onto it.

In "Drafts" For a Few Years

This post was actually started in May, 2014 when I was working on the basement punch list, then for some reason why into the draft folder. Hey, but here we are tonight!  Here's where I left off about 6 years ago:  Tonight I made a (very) little progress on the punch list, then the lazy susan caught my eye and I had a brainstorm. I tore it apart, and with some scrap wood, wood glue and nail gun brads, I made it useful once again: - and that's where I left off.  This is a picture from that evening, and if you look closely, on the toolbox you can see the lazy Susan...

And Now it's Part of the Fabric

So now, all these years later, that redesigned and repurposed kitchen accessory has been effectively holding all manner of little stuff I wouldn't otherwise know with what to do!

An Aging Accessory

Much like me, this little storage rack is beginning to show it's age. Really it's just the lids on the bottles, they're just kinda dry-rotting  so if you notice, the lower left two bottles are actually actually repurposed medicine bottles.

And That's the Riveting Story

Not a particularly exciting sorry but, it's the only one I have right now. COVID-19 still has me crazy busy at work so, (and if this is the most we suffer then how lucky are we?) posts like these are about all I have right now.

Thanks for staying with us safe out there!
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