Workshop Done! Punch List Ongoing

Well it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean nothing's been done. You know how it takes priority over writing!  So in the last post, I was talking about moving onto the punch list items in the basement, and in particular in the laundry room.  Turns out the punch list was longer and more involved than I thought! One of those things was the workshop walls.  Originally, years ago, I put up a few pieces of peg board...

Not a great shot, but that's one of the few "before" pics I had (one of these days I'll get better about that).  The peg board did well, worked fine, then I did this...

That was all part of the basement remodel, you can read more about that here.  Well, this time I decided there'd be more peg board...LOTS more!  Here's the outside of the workshop...kinda came out almost exactly as it was before:

But the real difference is inside the shop!  

I made two entire walls of the shop peg board! But there's a couple other things to notice...see that shelf unit?  That was a rickety old thing that was in the laundry room for years.  If you touched it just wrong, the whole thing nearly fell apart.  What did I do?  Screws all over it, and even screwed it to the wall!  The other thing is the shelf that runs over the top.  I fitted the shelves so they fit between the wasted inches here!  And here's a shot of the finished product (I'll have to take some shots of the workbench wall after that gets cleaned up):

So outside of the workshop just needing a good cleaning, one box on the punch list checked off!
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