The Shed Rehab: Finally Making Progress

It Already Looks Better!

Summer's always interesting for getting projects done.  For one thing, depending on what you're doing, you have to be strategic about timing.  This is one of those projects!  When last we met, almost three weeks ago, the shed had been all primed and ready for painting.  

But then came the weather.  Between work, rain, heat and high humidity, there just hasn't been a good time to start painting.  Until today that is.  I had a day off work, woke a little early (not nearly as early as mom and dad though, those two wake the roosters!) and tried to beat the humidity.  And it worked - at least for one wall...

For now I'm only painting two walls, as the back and right side walls are hidden by fences, but the left side wall is going to be painted, but the humidity skyrocketed as I was finishing the front wall today, so that'll have to wait.  In the meantime, I got started on fixing up the window.  After replacing the basement windows way back in 1998, I saved the old wood windows because, well... you never know when you might need an old wooden window!

I used one of the windows to make a book case for the front porch...

And when I built the shed, I used another one (I think I still have at least one other in the workshop for some future use).  The shed's been up for some time, and the old basement window was really starting to show its age... 

So it was time to get 'er fixed up!  I started by used my trusty old heat gun to remove the window glaze.

Then I went to work on it with the orbital sander.

Which made quick and easy work of stripping the wood.

When I was removing the glass I broke the corner of one of the panes.  As luck would have it, I had a "spare" I had saved from one of the other old windows, one that I think was in too rough a shape to keep.  It was just a smidge too big, so I used the rotary tool to really clean out the old glaze.

That worked great, which is good because the oversize was so tiny there would be no way to cut that little bit off the pane.  Anyway, then it was time to prime the window frame...

And that's where it stands.  Not an exciting post, but I enjoy looking back at the little things we do here at 173 to keep original parts and pieces when possible!  Let's hope for less humidity soon!
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