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Legacy Post: Replacing the Sewer Pipe

Here's a seemingly uninteresting post, a post about replacing the sewer pipe at 173.  I say seemingly because there actually are a few interesting things about this project that took place 'round about 1999.  Here in my city, the sewer system is antiquated and is becoming a serious problem for the famed Hudson River.  Most of the sewer system here was built in the 19th century, when horses were common in cities, meaning that horse dung was a public health problem. The sewers allowed for dung to be pushed into any nearby storm drains, which would carry it to sewage treatment plants.  And of course, 173's sewer line was put in way back in 1927, not too far into the automobile age (fewer horses - less sewage).  Here's the story...
Not long after purchasing 173, I was mowing the front yard and noticed a little divet in the yard next to the sidewalk coming from the front door.  I didn't think much of it at the time, but it did register.  Maybe a year later, I noticed t…

Legacy Project: The Living Room

Because this blog is primarily a vehicle for me to keep track of what was done and when, as well as what products were used at 173, from time to time I post about a project that was completed before this blog was established.  I call these posts Legacy Projects, although they've had a couple names over the years.  Back in 2011, I posted about the 2001 back yard fence project, which was called a Retro Project.  "Retro" was a very popular word (or prefix as the case may be) a few years back, but as time has passed it dawned on me that those projects weren't retro as much as they were just done before the 173 blog got started.  So, now we have Legacy Projects!  And this post is just such an entry.
Whenever I can, I like to include the Moshers, the previous and only other owners of 173.  Here's a picture of the son of Mr. Mosher and his family in the living room:

Now that's Retro!  I love the old sofa and the fish tank in the corner, but I really like that paint…

Hallways: Working on the Details

So I was wrong.  In the last post I said there'd be one final post about the halls and stairway, and yet - here we are!  Instead of one epic post, I thought I'd show some of the details I've been working on.  For instance, both window sills in the stairwell were getting dull and faded:

A little cleaning and three coats of amber shellac later, much better!

Next was the corner protector.  I bought this thing several years ago, just waiting for the day I' be able to put in in the hallway.  It was bare oak, so I stained it with the stain formula I worked out for the baseboards on the dining room built-in which turned out to be a pretty close match to the wood here at 173.

After three coats of amber shellac (three seems to be the magic number), it was time to install it.  Everything I read said to pre-drill holes and attach with finish nails.  Why don't I ever listen the first time?  I thought if I used my nail gun, there'd be no need for pre-drilling.  Well, with …

Hallways: New Lights, Outlets and Switches

At long last 173 has new lighting in the hallways and stairwell!  Not only that...all the outlets, phone jacks, switches and plate covers are changed out!  Let's start with the switches and plates.  These first couple pictures were taken right before painting, but they show the new plates really well:

I went with brown switches and outlets...

We went with Imperial Bead Aged Bronze set from AmerTac.  They didn't score great on Amazon (3.5 I think) but they're fantastic.  A nice solid metal and the finish is gorgeous.  Of course, they went on after the switches and outlets were replaced.  I'm always nervous about messing with electricity, but I'm glad I did.  Some of the outlets and switches had no ground, and now all of them do.  Here's a shot that'll show you why working with electricity here made me nervous:

What a mess!  I had to clean it all up, reorder the wires and, just for safety sake, wrapped them with electrical tape!  And here's a sampling of…

Hallways: Meet Sherwin Williams' Lily!

Ta-daaah!  And at long last, the hallways and stairwell are painted! A few weeks ago (April 22nd to be precise) I mentioned that the plan was to paint the walls Sherwin Williams' "Lily".  Usually, early-project color choices don't pan out, but this time it did!  "Lilly" is a beautiful light yellow that, depending on the light, looks like butter, or lemons or a light green, or white...but for the most part it looks like a yellow lily!  So this post will be mostly pics.

Looking down the stairs...interestingly, in this next picture you can see the edge of the corner.  It looks white but it's actually painted - it's just a matter of how the light hits it! guessed it - up the stairs!

And from a little farther out...

I was trying to get the view from the living room.  You can see a bit above the window - 

So that's a few the color!  Now it's onto choosing window treatments, replacing light switches, outlets and installin…