Hallways: The Ceilings

Now We're Moving!

Things are really moving along with the halls and the stairway now!  The trouble spot is fixed, and all the sheetrock seams are sanded...

And really - is it just me or does sanding joint compound absolutely suck?  Even with every inch of the floors and stairs covered...

I know, this was before I got all the drop cloths down.

...that dust gets everywhere!  Just one of those necessary evils I guess.  After some cleaning, the ceilings were primed and painted.  Sherwin Williams had a 30% off sale, and they're practically around the corner from 173, not to mention that I really like their paint (and no, this is not a sponsored post), so I got ceiling paint in "pure white", which is 2 shades darker than ultimate white (or something like that).

You paint something, and it's yours. It's your heart up on the wall. - Jason Momoa

The paint went on great, but a second coat is necessary.  This is definitely not because of paint coverage, it's all about the painter's coverage!  I missed a few spots.  After that - it's just a matter (notice I didn't say a "small matter") of painting the walls!

Getting close!

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