Hallways: The Ceilings

Things are really moving along with the halls and the stairway now!  The trouble spot is fixed, and all the sheet rock seams are sanded...

And really - is it just me or does sanding joint compound absolutely suck?  Even with every inch of the floors and stairs covered...

I know, this was before I got all the drop cloths down.

...that dust gets everywhere!  Just one of those necessary evils I guess.  After some cleaning, the ceilings were primed and painted.  Sherwin Williams had a 30% off sale, and they're practically around the corner from 173, not to mention that I really like their paint (and no, this is not a sponsored post), so I got ceiling paint in "pure white", which is 2 shades darker than ultimate white (or something like that).

The paint went on great, but a second coat is necessary.  This is definitely not because of paint coverage, it's all about the painter's coverage!  I missed a few spots.  After that - it's just a matter (notice I didn't say a "small matter") of painting the walls!

Getting close!
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