Hallways: Working on the Details

Getting Close to Done

So I was wrong.  In the last post I said there'd be one final post about the halls and stairway, and yet - here we are!  Instead of one epic post, I thought I'd show some of the details I've been working on.  For instance, both window sills in the stairwell were getting dull and faded:

A little cleaning and three coats of amber shellac later, much better!

Next was the corner protector.  I bought this thing several years ago, just waiting for the day I' be able to put in in the hallway.  It was bare oak, so I stained it with the stain formula I worked out for the baseboards on the dining room built-in which turned out to be a pretty close match to the wood here at 173.

After three coats of amber shellac (three seems to be the magic number), it was time to install it.  Everything I read said to pre-drill holes and attach with finish nails.  Why don't I ever listen the first time?  I thought if I used my nail gun, there'd be no need for pre-drilling.  Well, with the very first squeeze of the trigger, I blew out a little chunk of wood.  Back to the workshop, repair, restain, reshellac, predrill holes and ta daa!...

And for good measure...closer view...

And finally, I got the curtains hung.  The neat thing is the finials on the curtain rods are birds!  Just felt a little whimsical!

So, with any luck, the next post really will be the final in this series!
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