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Hallways: A Bit of Progress

I just got to thinking - I didn't include any "before" pictures in the initial post for this project.  That's probably because - once again I don't have any!  This is the closest I have.

This green was applied in around 1997, and was part of the initial move-in phase here at 173.  Back then I didn't keep track of paint brands or colors, so I really have no idea what it is.  The color was very nice back in the day, but as all things go - it was (finally) time for a change!

Today I made a little more progress.  It's a funny thing, in my middle-aged years (ok, who's kidding who?  I'm 54 years old - can I really expect to live to 108?), anyway - I've found myself less than excited about standing on a plank mounted on a windowsill and a ladder at the top of the steps.  Be that as it may, I'm doing it, and the stairwell is under way!

Here's another angle - really not that far above terra firma but geeze - less than thrilling!

And the view l…

Hallways: Getting the Wallpaper Started

With the dining room 99.76% finished, it's time to get one last project completed - hopefully before it gets way too nice to be inside.  The goal is to finish wallpapering the hallways and stairwell, get it all painted and new lights in.  Let's see, April 22 - not sure how that's going to go!

Wallpapering has never been a strength of mine, so I've had to do some studying, lots of YouTube videos and peoples' blogs.  But I also turned to (as I often do) an old DIY book that is old enough to address many of the peculiarities of old 173.

In particular, I found this page to be very useful:
The project is well under way at this point, the front porch is once again the staging area:

Ladders are set up...

The downstairs hallway in nearly complete...

The upstairs hallway is almost papered...

And now it's time to turn the corner into the stairwell.

One last thing for now.  I want to go on record what I think will be the color of the hallways and stairwell... It's th…

812 - The Home: The Back Porch

From time-to-time I post about my parent's house, the house I grew up in and the house my dad has rebuilt in its entirety.  After all, my dad and 812 are the reason for 173 - following in my father's footsteps is really my way of thanking and celebrating him.

Today I want to show the back porch.  When we first moved into 812, the first floor footprint was a little on the small side, especially for a growing family.  The kitchen, while not small, was laid out kinda wonky, and there was very limited space for things like a wash machine and dryer and a refrigerator.  Back in the day, the back door entered directly into the kitchen and there was a window right next to the door.  Here's a shot:

There's mom, dad's mom and dad!  Over Gramma's shoulder you can see one of the appliances, but what I really want you to notice is that table.  Those tables are very popular in some mid-century modern circles these days - goofy as it is to say, I almost wish I had that table…

Dining Room Details

It's that time again!  My class is done (I got an A by-the-way), and spring, although officially here, is just around the corner.  That means it's time to wrap up some indoor things before the outdoor projects take over.  That said - a few details are done in the dining room, marking the room being 99.76% done after completing the built-in a couple months ago.  The only outlier is the radiator, which I have plans to make but probably won't be 'til next fall or winter.

In the meantime, a couple details were done, although one is a pretty significant detail - the painting.  Lo these many years ago the dining room was painted Dutch Boy's Missoula Blue.

It was a great color at the time, but after nearly 20 years on the walls it was getting a little tired and faded.  Lots of colors were considered, St. Bart's came out of the blue (no pun intended) and won out!  So here's a shot of the old color:

Here's one with the new color:

The woodwork here at 173 is old…