Hallways: Getting the Wallpaper Started

April 22, 2018

With the dining room 99.76% finished, it's time to get one last project completed - hopefully before it gets way too nice to be inside.  The goal is to finish wallpapering the hallways and stairwell, get it all painted and new lights in.  Let's see, April 22 - not sure how that's going to go!

Wallpapering has never been a strength of mine, so I've had to do some studying, lots of YouTube videos and peoples' blogs.  But I also turned to (as I often do) an old DIY book that is old enough to address many of the peculiarities of old 173.

In particular, I found this page to be very useful:

The project is well under way at this point, the front porch is once again the staging area:

Ladders are set up...

The downstairs hallway in nearly complete...

The upstairs hallway is almost papered...

And now it's time to turn the corner into the stairwell.

One last thing for now.  I want to go on record what I think will be the color of the hallways and stairwell...
It's the Sherwin Williams Lily.  I put that in here because often a color is chosen at the beginning of a project but is changed at the last minute.  But for now - that's the vision!

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