Dining Room Details

99.76% Done!

It's that time again!  My class is done (I got an A by-the-way), and spring, although officially here, is just around the corner.  That means it's time to wrap up some indoor things before the outdoor projects take over.  That said - a few details are done in the dining room, marking the room being 99.76% done after completing the built-in a couple months ago.  The only outlier is the radiator, which I have plans to make but probably won't be 'til next fall or winter.

In the meantime, a couple details were done, although one is a pretty significant detail - the painting.  Lo these many years ago the dining room was painted Dutch Boy's Missoula Blue.

It was a great color at the time, but after nearly 20 years on the walls it was getting a little tired and faded.  Lots of colors were considered, St. Bart's came out of the blue (no pun intended) and won out!  So here's a shot of the old color:

Here's one with the new color:

The woodwork here at 173 is old-growth chestnut with amber shellac, never been painted.  As it turns out, it's time to get going on shellac maintenance!  The dining room windows have been pretty well baked over the years:

Much better after a shellac refresher!

Accidental Art Purchase

After that, I accidentally bought a painting off Amazon.  Accidentally you ask?  Yep, I saw this painting and put it in my cart, then meant to move it to "Save for Later", but when I ordered some dog food or something, I apparently forgot the paining was in there, and - surprise!  A couple days later there it was!  And now, here it atop the hutch:

It's called Chichester Canal by John Mallord William Turner, and just seemed to go with the hutch-top vignette.  Here's another shot:

Then there were really little things, but something I really liked so here it is!

That's right - a switch plate!  Not sure anyone blogs about switch plates, but I thought this was cool enough I just had to mention it.  It's metal, and has a bit of architectural interest and added just a nice little detail to the room.

Then, the Piece de Resistance

After all these years, the dining room at 173 actually has blinds!  Not sure why, but the decision was made early on not to have them.  For nigh unto 21 years, the south-facing dining room windows let all that wonderful sunlight (and heat) inside unabated!  No longer!  Additionally, a great set of curtains went up!  Kind of a muslin-shear type fabric!

And another angle:

And there it is, a 99.76% complete dining room!  You can see why the radiator needs some work, but like I said, that'll have to wait for now!
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