New Front Stoop Railings: One Last Time (Bonus Shots)

I changed by mind!  Last time I said I probably wouldn't get back to posting about the front stoop railings after doing the final touch-ups, but I had a couple nice pictures I wanted to add, so I figured - why not?  I touched up all the paint, although I think there's still a few spots, particularly on the post-bands that need a little more.  I also caulked all the posts where they meet the stoop and stair boards, using silicone caulk:
I also caulked the screw holes in the skirt surrounding the stoop.  Now she's all done - I think.  Now, just a few bonus shots:

Usually, here at 173, projects don't quite turn out the way I envisioned them.  Crooked walls, old materials, wonky things - all contribute to the oft-altered dreams, but quite frankly, most of the time it's because of of my amateur skills!  But this time!!  This came out just how I pictured it! 

And here's a shot from inside... 

And finally, a nice bucolic view of 173 - in the middle of the city!

I promise, I'll do all in my power to make this the last post about the railings!
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