Made at 173: Dining Room Table - Partial Reveal

March 22, 2015

Okay,okay, okay.  I've had a few requests for a picture of the completed dining room table.  Against my better judgement, and although I wanted the dramatic impact of a full dining room makeover reveal, I'll at least give a little more of a peek now.
I think I may have put this one in the previous post,  but here it is again....I really like the way the base turned out:

And of course, I like the way the antiquing picked up the rope applique:

And I especially liked that it all started as this:

And so, after also painting the chairs (another post soon to come), here's a little more of a peek:

So there it is.  Of course there'll be more when the whole dining room is complete, but for now...!  

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  1. M has been keeping me up to date with your dining room revamp. I think the chair color is fabulous. about a post regarding the mounted rabbit?

    I look forward to the grand reveal!


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