Developing the Site

Yeah...this is what happens when I go out of town for work for four weeks, get sick, and spend most of that time in a hotel, with hotel cable TV (that doesn't even have TCM)!  Okay, I'm really not as tragic a figure as that sounds, but sometimes Eyore-ing it just seems appropriate.  What am I talking about?  This blog-site...for the third time in what - the last three years ?, I've redesigned the site.  All because I actually have the time.

Truth is, I'm only half way through the trip, and if things don't pick up for me, I'll do some more tweaking.  Here's what I've done:  I changed the banner (again), this time opting for a clean, minimalist look.  Then I changed the entire blog template, and spent hours on customization. THEN I spent even more hours installing the slider.  So I set up slides for a few of the things that really matter here at 173:

The first slide "RE-USE" is pretty obvious isn't it?  It's about being creative, thoughtful and frugal, definitely not to be confused with cheap.

Outside of being a little bit of a hobby, this blog is about chronicling the rehab-ing, remodeling, restoring, re-whatevering of ol'173.  If you've banged around the site at all, you've noticed that 173 isn't fancy.  It isn't huge, or new, or expensive.  What it IS, 173 is our home.  It's simple, paid for, clean, neat, and charming...most of all it's a reflection of it's caretakers.  Much like it's inhabitants, 173 is realistic...bumps and bruises, budget conscious, warts and all.  And charming as hell (like me!  LOL)!

And, while it's not always possible to achieve, changes at 173 are often considered with the thoughts of who lived here before (and yes, that's them in the picture).  The family that lived here since she was built, loved, cared for and maintained the house...and I endeavor to love her the same way!
That being said...I sit here in a hotel room...coughing my fool head off...watching a bad movie on TV...and saying hello to you!  Thanks for reading!
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