The Laundry Room Celing - (Hopefully) Never Again!

I'm not in a great mood, so there won't be a lot of jibber jabber tonight, but I did want to post some update pictures.  Most of the laundry room is done, meaning that the basement project is nearing the end! After this weekend, I'm really down to just punch-list items.  So without further you can see from the pic below, some of the pipes in the laundry room hung pretty low.  For the most part the new ceiling would cover them, but because of their positioning, some couldn't be and would be a major pain to work around.
So I figured I would soffet around them.  Here's the basic framing:
Then it was just a matter of some 1x6's:
After that, it was ceiling time.  Of course I started with the grid...
Lemme tell you something, it's a fairly small room and it wasn't real hard to do, but if I never put in another drop ceiling it'll be too soon!  Then came the tiles...
Next is a wider shot.  Things are going pretty fast now, so some of the flaws you see in this shot will be finished off soon.  
On to the punch list!
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