If My Mother Wasn't Reading this I'd Probably Use Some Off-Color Language!

I don't know about you, but when I'm nearing the end of a big project a couple things happen...I get antsy to finish it, I start thinking about what's next, and counter-intuitively - I slow down.  It's not exactly that I lose interest, I think it's just that the devil is in the details, and by the time I get to the punch list - it's a %$&^*@# million little devils, most of them painting (which I hate).  So this is one of the only shots of I have of this angle on the laundry room, but it gives a sense of how the corner with the chimney was looking:
I realize some people would think it best that the paint be sanded off the brick, that it would give the room a nice rustic look, but let's be honest...the laundry room at 173 is anything but rustic, unless of course you mean rustic in the "rough hewn" sense! So we painted it with the Drylok.  One little devil done - and geeze, what a difference!
Then there was this little devil.  See the circuit box just hanging there?  Believe-it-or-not I've been dreading getting that affixed to the new wall.  Don't ask me why, I have no idea! 
Quite silly really!  It was neither hard, complicated, expensive (I used scrap 2x4's and piece of an old shelf) nor time consuming (what?  Maybe half an hour?).  Anyway, now it's done, except for the painting (ugh!).
So here's a shot of just some of the devils on the punch list:
1.  Posts and (some) pipes need to be scraped and painted.
2.  There are just two small portions of ceiling to go in, one of which seems complicated.
That's just a couple things on the list.
The upside is a couple more things are done, a: the new cement board wall has been painted, and b: as I just said, the chimney is painted!  Just for fun I pointed out just a few of the tools required for this project.  We're getting there!
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