Made at 173: Under-The-Sink Trolly

Every once in awhile I like to build something, and usually out of scraps from other projects.  In this case I wanted to make a little pallet for under the new laundry room sink to put some of the cleaning supplies on.  

I know it's kind of silly to bother to post about something like this, but I'm laid up in bed trying to get over a pretty rough cold, so while I'm watching a B-grade movie called "They" on Netflix, I thought I'd post it anyway.  Looking around the wreck of a basement I currently have, I remembered that I had a piece of counter top from when we re-did the back porch.  So I figured I'd use it and some 1x3 stud remnants to make the little pallet...

For $6 I also picked up a set of casters to make for ease of use, you know - that whole...getting older thing. The whole little project took about 15 minutes!  Next time I have the paint out I'll paint the front of the pallet. 

 Here's a longer view...

So there's a little project Made at 173.  
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