Man - O - Man! It Doesn't Pay to Rush!

Turn off the electricity.  Turn it off, check it, double check it, then proceed with caution!  If you're in a hurry - check it a third time!  Or else you'll be doing the Uncle Fester!

Yep, got home from visiting my folks and thought I'd quickly take down the wall between the laundry room and the workshop.  Then I realized I hadn't removed the light switch and the fuse box.  It's kinda cool, I have the workshop on it's own little fuse box, nothing simpler than pulling down the lever to cut the power.  On top of that, the fuse box is about four feet away from the junction box and the switch!  How convenient!  So I removed the switch box, then took the cover off the junction box -Ah!  Two simple screws and I'm on my way!  I started to remove the top screw and POW!  I blew a hole in my screwdriver!
That's not the first time I've done this, heck, it probably isn't even the 12th time I've done this. But it sure does freak me out when I cause these minor explosions!

I'm always amazed the damage electricity can do!

And here's my screwdriver:

And this was just a nice little picture as a constant reminder!

After that, I fixed the wires I blew up, and thought I'd just quit for the day.  If my heart stops racing by tomorrow, maybe I'll give wall removal another shot.  I just hope, as I have every time I've done this, I just hope this is the last time I cause a short!
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