Progress Shots: Mr. Griffin

I follow a lot of other people's blogs (see the list on the right?) and one of the fun things other people do is blog about hobbies other than just the house.  I don't do a lot of "crafty" stuff.  I failed cut and paste in kindergarten so a lot of crafts are just beyond me, and I just can't muster up enough interest to take up knitting.  But I do enjoy putting together models (as I've previously mentioned thank you very much!).  So while the latest house projects make painfully slow progress, I thought I'd show a little progress on Mr. Griffin.

So just a couple shots.  The one to the left is pretty cool.  It's just a skull that goes on the book case (of course - the invisible man wouldn't have a visible skull!).  The next pic is just to give a look at the Nomadic Modelers work station while there is mad scientist kind of work going on:

And the final shot for now is just another of the skull:

That's it for now, maybe soon there'll actually be some house progress pics!  Have a great week everyone!
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