What's Old is New Again

February 20, 2012

173 is a simple house, but there's just something about the simple, classic, old-school lines that I love.  And now it seems 173 may not be quite as old-school as I thought!  I just came across a really interesting article, which lead to some digging...apparently architect Marianne Cusato likes ol' 173!  Okay, maybe not specifically 173, but her design for the New Economy Home seems eerily familiar!
Just a little back story.  When we bought 173 some umpteen million years ago, it was listed as a Victorian.  A Victorian!  Really?  See the picture to the left?  Victorian?  Over the years I did some research and found that there was a style similar to 173 that was called a Folk Victorian, but 173 doesn't have all the gingerbread fixtures that would make it a Folk Vic. I saw one website that called it an Industrial Folk style.  I dunno...I guess I just call it...Kindergarten-drawing House Style.  Okay, on to the New Economy Home (NEH).  Here is Marianne Cusato's vision of a nice, small, modern home:
Thaaat's right ladies and gentlemen!  173 seems to be stylish again! Oh but wait, when you take a tour of the NEH   and compare it to 1928's version - well, 173 doesn't quite have all the "green" technologies.  But I do love that the lines and style of the house is being recognized once again.  


  1. I'd call your house Victorian, too!

    We live in a Victorian farmhouse, but it lacks all gingerbread and porches that are characteristic of the style. From what we can tell our house was jut built on the cheap and never had these things added!

  2. Hi and thanks for commenting! I love your house - and your blog (I just added your badge to my blog). Our house (173)is kinda weird...some call it a Folk Victorian but it's absent the gingerbread. On the other hand, the front door and several other features hint toward Mission style. I think they couldn't decide! Again, thanks for writing and I look forward to following your progress. Best of luck!


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