A Great Tool for the Color Challenged!

Sherwin Williams Gets Props

The other day I was trolling through some of the blogs I follow and came across something really cool.  The writer of the Perfectly Imperfect blog pointed out a really cool online tool by Sherwin Williams.  It's called Chip It, and it's a really useful tool for those among us (particularly me) who are color challenged and/or unimaginative.  When you see a picture on the internet that has a bunch of colors you like, any picture, you copy the picture URL and paste it into the Chip It tool and it analyzes the colors and tells you what color paints represent the colors in the picture!

Paint Color Ideas

With the front porch project (slowly) progressing, it won't be too awfully long before colors will become a consideration.  Last night I did some searches for pictures with colors I already have out there or colors I'd like to have on the porch, and did some experimentation with Chip It.  Here's a couple examples:

Believe me - for the color-challenged, this is a great tool!  And yeah, I like the yellow door!

Thanks for checking in!
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