Legacy Project: Umbrella Stand

A 173 Scrap Wood Project

So 173 made it through Hurricane Irene pretty much unscathed.  I'm sorry to say that communities all around where we live have not fared as well.  Two small towns are completely gone.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected - here and everywhere.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was looking forward to getting estimates for replacing the porch roofs. Well, funny thing (not funny in a "ha ha" way) about hurricanes is that they come with lots of wind. Gee, whoda thunk it?  Wind + shingle roofs = roofing contractors over-booked!  So the struggle continues.  I have a few projects bumping around in my mind, but for now - I'm at a bit of a stand-still.  Time for another Retro Project!

After finishing the back porch, it was time to furnish and decorate it.  It's not a huge porch so we didn't want to put too much stuff out there.  It's also a pretty simple porch, so we didn't want a lot of bling or fancy stuff.  One thing always did want though, was an umbrella stand.  I searched the internet for various styles:

But none of these styles really fit.  Then I saw this one:

I really liked the clean, simple lines, and it looked simple enough to build from scrap wood. We wanted it fit into a corner, so I adapted the design a little.

Funny thing is though - when I was building it, I was liking the look.  Then I took a picture and realized - UGLY!!  So I made a few adjustments and added some more wood!

Once again, I used some paint from another long-forgotten project, then did some distressing.

The paint was pretty bright and the whole thing looked brand new, so I rubbed on a coat of Minwax Jacobean stain to tone things down a bit and complete the finishing process.

And here it is in its natural habitat:

So, umbrella stand - $0!!
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