Waiting For Irene

With Hurricane Irene bearing down, things get a little nervy!

I'm definitely not in a panic, but I can't imagine living in Hurricane Lane and dealing with this every year!  So, time to batten down the hatches.  Here's pretty much the extent of my preparations:

1.  Putting together an emergency kit.  Water, batteries, flashlights, and getting the old portable shortwave radio out.

2.  Filling the bathtub with water tomorrow just in case we have floods.

3.  Topping off the gas tanks in both cars.

4.  Putting down the storm windows.

5.  Going around the yard and putting away anything that could fly around (you know - flower pots, bird houses, trash cans...).

6.  We only had water in the basement once, and that was due to city lines being overwhelmed.  They're predicting 7-10" of rain, so gonna go through the basement and make sure anything of value is off the floor.  My air compressor immediately comes to mind! 

There you have it.  I'll probably think of some other things, but for now this is it.  To those of you in the direct path - good luck and stay safe!
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