Hanging a Valance (I always break into "The Man Who Shot...")

A good friend of mine made this super valance for the back porch, and I love it!  It really adds that finishing touch that I've felt the porch was missing.  (Ha!  At this rate I don't think the words "finish" and "porch" go together!)

I put a lot of thought into how to hang the valance.  I thought about rods, cables, bars, staples (yup - it was a thought).  Then I saw this picture at Fresh Art Photography  and loved the simplicity.  

I guess my thought was that my porch is just that - a porch.  It functions as a mud room, and it's out primary entrance (I could count on one hand the number of times I've walked through the front porch door!).  I really wanted something simple, and at the same time I certainly didn't want ugly!  This is what I did:

(I really need to get a "real" camera!)  I put nails over the window trim, and hung the valance using curtain rings with clips.  That's it...simple and we love the look.  We also experimented with gathering, I guess that's the term for having some hang down between the clips.  We might try it again another time, but for now we like it without gathering.  I wonder if there's a word for that?  LOL.

And here's one final look - in the other direction...

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