A Day of Odds-N-Ends

Yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn't get into any one big project.  So I went around the yard and did a few of those little jobs that have been niggling in the back of my mind.

Years ago someone on This Old House said that water was the worst enemy of a house.  Ever since then I worry - just a little bit - when it rains.  After shingling the back porch I started worrying about water overflowing the rain barrel and causing damage, so I put in an overflow spigot.  I'll attach a length of hose and direct the rain away from the house!

So, while I had the drill out, I decided to fix the downspout too.  When I installed that flexible part, I wasn't paying attention and put it inside the downspout:

I didn't think an "after" picture was necessary, but you get the idea.  Now all the water should flow into the rain barrel!

Then there was this little strip under the trap door on the side of the porch.  I tried shingling it, but the pieces were too small and just kept splitting.  So I pulled out some scrap plywood, cut to size, now it just needs to be stained (ran out of time to do it yesterday).

So, to get to the side porch for the shingling project, I had to take down a portion of the fence:

Because of all the plants and bushes in that area, it was decided for me (LOL) that the fence should be re-stained before being put back up:

Obviously - then we installed it!

I added this picture just because Linus is so damned cute!

That's it.  Nothing fancy, nothing major, but not everything can be a major renovation!  Right?  

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