Getting Rid Of An Old Pile Of Concrete

A summer or two ago I rented a jackhammer and broke up the old sidewalk that ran across the back yard.  Because I went from this:

To this:

I had no way to carry off the detritus!  I love my little Versa, but when you own a house, what do you do with stuff like this?:

Well, I'll tell you what to do!  You walk this little guy around the neighborhood:

And notice when one of your neighbors is putting in a new sidewalk and has one of these onsite:

Then you offer a little of this:

Then you haul all the junk to the curbside, load it onto the dumptruck 15 minutes later when the neighbor comes by

Then you have a freshly cleaned spot in your side yard!

PS - My neighbor wouldn't take the cash, so I'll have the lady of the house put together one of these for him:

Thank a million Corey!

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