The Shed Cleanup 2023

Short Post

Fair warning - this is one of those less-than-exciting posts.  Okay, let's be real - it's gonna be pretty boring.  But - write I must!  Even if it is just about cleaning out the shed.  

The Situation

There really wasn't much of a "situation" here.  The last time the shed had been cleaned out was back in 2019 when the shed got a nice little makeover.

Of course, the shed was real clean when I first built it, probably sometime around 2002 or so:

But, like things often do as we acquire things and make more use of our structures,  over time things get a little sloppy.  Maybe not a complete mess, just stuff out of place, or added to the shed but didn't yet have a place. 

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. - Niccolo Machiavelli

The Cleanup 

Obviously, the first step to any good cleanup is to get stuff out of the way.  It was a beautiful June day so we just started tossing things into the yard... 

And in the carport.  See all that orange snow fence.  Bought a roll of that stuff to fence off the front yard back in 1999 when we had to re-sod the front yard after the sewer pipe was replaced.  That stuff has been in the way ever since!

This was the very start of that project that ended up bringing the curse of the snow fence upon ol' 173.

As you can see, it ended up much worse!

Nonetheless, after all that digging, the front yard had to be completely re-seeded for grass.  And, to help keep people, or more accurately, to keep people's dogs off the lawn while the grass was growing, the orange snow fence went up.  That was a thousand years ago and yet - all that fencing is still here - cluttering up the shed!  Whew! Off my soapbox now...

After the Cleanup!

And just like that - the task was complete.  Turned out, most of the stuff in the shed was in the right place, and there was order, so not everything had to be pulled out.

All the tools were put back in their proper place.  Oh, and that yard tool rack you see, well I made that several years before we built the shed.  I made it out of scrap 2x4s and some furring strips, and was kept on the back porch in those days.  

But, before putting it back into the shed, I cut off about 4 inches from each leg.  This made it easier to pull tools out of the rack - the ceiling of the shed being much shorter than the ceiling in the back porch. 

And here's a quick shot of the tool board in the shed.  Everything in its place! 

Thanks for stopping be and hanging in there with this post.  Sometimes it's just fun to post even the most menial of things!
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