COVID-19: The Great Pause

Unprecedented, Unimaginable, Unwelcome

I'm sorry to the artist who painted the picture above, but I have no idea what the source was so I can't give credit - my apologies.  So, here we are...almost 1/3 of the way through 2020 and all we've really been able to think about is COVID-19.  The whole of the world is in a great pause - unprecedented, unimaginable and unwelcome.  Here at 173 very little has been done so far this year.  Sure a couple little projects were completed, but that's it.  I'm a Registered Nurse, so much of my time has been taken up by this dread disease, leaving precious little time for anything else.  But, I wanted to take a minute to say just a couple things:

1. Please be safe. 

2. Please stay home and keep the rest of us safe.

3. Take care of your family.

4. Be a good neighbor.

And, know that House 173 is praying and pulling for all of you.

Be smart and stay safe!
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