The Shed Rehab: Finally Doing It!

Way Past Overdue

Time to spruce up the ol' shed.  I forget exactly when I built it, but it was at least 15, if not closer to 20 years ago.  That's really quite amazing because I built it on the cheap, back then we really had to pinch pennies.  But the shed has held up well all these years!  Two years ago I put a new roof on, but only for aesthetic purposes.  I had a plan then to spruce up the shed, but work and school really got busy, but with school we go!  

Originally, the back yard was much more open, but the fence was a thousand years old and we had a plan for what we wanted.  Here's a picture of the corner where the shed is now.  Early after buying 173, we put in blackberry bushes, but sadly they had to go.  And look at that old flag pole.  The Moshers had a cross bar at the top, and the clothesline pulleys were mounted on it! 

Here's a little wider shot.  By the time of this picture I had replaced the flag pole and planted a maple tree.  Bad idea!  I had not really thought that out, and it eventually dawned on me that a maple tree grows huge and would eventually take over the whole back yard.  So when it was time to build the shed - out came the tree.

I have no progress pictures from when I was building the shed, we didn't do much of that back then, but here is a shot of the newly built shed.

And here's yours truly, apparently happy that we had a shed.  Amazing how seemingly empty the shed was back then!  Oh!  And there's the yard tool organizer I made out of scrap 2/4s and some furring strips!  

Pretty crude but it's still going strong!

Here's a wider shot of the interior, and yes - I ran power to the shed!

Here's a look at the other end...

But the work is going on outside the shed.  For the last couple years I tried to convince myself that it was looking rustic, but the fact is, it's just wearing out a bit (and no, it's not crooked, the photographer is!)...  

Here's a closer look - see what I mean?

I started with the window.  When I built the shed, I didn't put a window sill in, no idea why, but I didn't...

So I decided to put one in now, I think it gives it a whole different feel...

I finished the trim tonight, except around the door, need to pick up a couple more boards, but finishing that off won't take long...

And that's where we leave off for tonight...I'm hoping to get this project done in short order, that'll depend on the weather!
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