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The Dining Room Built-In: The Reveal

Done.  Finally.  Here we are, Super Bowl Sunday...February 4th, and the built-in is finally done!  Theoretically, this project started (in my mind) many years ago because I always wanted something like this in the dining room.  But in reality, on October 25th the dining room looked like this:

Here's a few of my favorite progress pictures during the course of the project.  Even before the old bookcases were down, I was already experimenting with stain colors.  Throughout the course of the project I was concerned about being able to match the woodwork that's so beautiful here at 173.

Of course, one of the really fun parts of a project like this is getting to use my tools.  Well, this was one of those projects that I used almost every tool I owned, with the exception of plumbing tools I suppose!

I learned a lot of lessons throughout this project too.  I had to watch videos, read articles, and practice on scrap pieces to get things as precise as I could.  This picture is one of t…

812 - The Home!: A Bit of History

One of the fun things about house blogging is digging into the history of a place.  I think mom and dad know some of the history of 812 prior to 1971, as a matter-of-fact, I believe mom lived in this house as a renter at one point - even before meeting dad.  That's an interesting thought in itself!  Of course, in the long history of 812, mom and dad have a significant part, not only in all the work that's been done, but by the sheer fact that they have had 812 for nearly 47 years!

Turns out, 812 has a looong history!  Let me show you... So, this map is interesting.  It's from 1860, and doesn't show Lincoln street, which means one of two things - either streets were added and renamed, or the cartographers were wrong!  But another interesting thing in this map is the park I played in all the time as a child.  You can see it in the northwest corner of the map, and it's called Hoffman's Grove.  I wonder when and why they dropped Hoffman, because at least since I w…

The Dining Room Built-In: Baseboards!

173 is an interesting mix of architectural styles.  The city tax records show the house as "Old Style" which, when I Google it, shows pictures that are nothing like 173:

Years ago, I sent a picture to someone's blog (I wish I could remember which one) and asked people's thoughts about what kind of house 173 is.  The most frequent answer as Folk Victorian.  Which, I suppose is as good an answer as any.  Here's an exterior shot:

Boy, I'm straying from the point!  The point is, one of the architectural flavors of 173 is a kind of Mission-style baseboards.  They're a full 7 1/2 inches tall!  Here's a shot from a couple years ago, when the dining room was getting its hutch...

With that in mind, and wanting the built-in trim to match up with the rest of the trim, I put in baseboards that will match, if nothing else - at least in size and style.

That's just dry-fitted, obviously there was some sanding still to do.  To make the 1x8s match up, I had to ro…