The Dining Room Built-In: Pluggin' Away

I'm Sure the Pros Don't Do It This Way

The other day I wrote about how long this project is taking, mostly due to the fact that I'm far from a professional.  This weekend is the perfect example of that.  Yesterday I cut the new base platform because I had messed up the other original one, leveled the base and fed the power line up from the workshop. 

And it all ended up looking like this...

Then today, I finished the assembly of the fireplace carcass, and got all the pieces cut for the first bookcase!

I'm sure the pros don't do it this way, but to get the sides to be exactly the same lengths, I clamped them together to cut them.  Because of the tall base to the built-in, the bookcases will be 7 feet tall, taking the overall height to almost 8 feet!  I also cut the top and bottom, as-well-as a center span to give the case more structural strength.

And I got started on the pocket holes too:

It's slow going for sure, but fun too!  Hopefully the next post will have some obvious changes!
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