The Dining Room Built-In: Away with the Old

Away With Disposable Furniture

It's weird..the things I find myself getting nostalgic about these days.  For years I looked at the Sauder bookcases in the dining room as just what they were - inexpensive beginner furniture.  But now - I find myself reflecting on all those shelves have seen.  After all, they predated the purchase of 173.  When we got them, they were actually a little more than we could afford.  Having just left the military, entering college, and living in Horseheads (yes, you read that right), NY we were living check-to-check.  But we have always been bibliophiles, and wanted some shelves the lend them a little dignity.  I don't even remember where they were purchased, but they looked better than anything we had.  And you know what?  They really didn't look bad...

They just always looked temporary.  Those bookcases have been around for some 25 years, and in the dining room at 173 for all 20 we've been here!  But no longer.  They are no more.  All that remains are the remnants...

I saved the sides of the two tall bookcases, figure they're pretty solid MDF and I can use em around the workshop.  And now, the dining room looks empty for the first time since '97:

Furniture and food are ways that people define their attitude toward life. – Terence Conran

And of course, the table is a storage spot for the time being... 

 Looks so sad right now.

So, now I'm committed...there's no turning back!
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