Legacy Project: Bathroom 2002

Looking Back A Few Years

Just last month I replaced the drainpipes in the bathroom, and that got me thinking about the remodel we did back in '03.  

The sink was replaced as early as  September of 97 (173 was purchased in August of  '97).  

That's a page from my old homeowner's journal, the forerunner of this blog.  Anyway, the reason that was one of the very first projects was because the original bathroom sink, while a classic, was a cast iron behemoth, with chipped enamel and rust.  I couldn't find a picture of the 173 original, but here's a pretty fair representation from the web:

I would have loved to had that sink re-enameled, but back then I didn't know that could even been done - and of course there was the matter of the affordability!  It was, however,  replaced with another pedestal sink, just to afford a sense of authenticity.

That shot was taken after replacing those drainpipes, so the grout was still wet from the leak.  Anyway, that brings us to the great bathroom redux of  '02:  

It started with putting in an exhaust fan and new ceiling.  Instead of pulling out the old ceiling, we went over it with ferring strips and sheetrock:

Ha!  The wall tiles look light blue - they're white.  At the same time we stripped the paint off the bathroom trim.  In this next picture you can see how it started out as represented by the condition of the window trim.

Then, new wallpaper went up.  This was the original paper, I loved it, but it was really showing its age:

From that, we changed to a maritime theme (seems kinda cliche I suppose) to a wallpaper by Parkview:

And of course, we went with the lighthouse theme...

It's very hard to pick up the color, I'll have to work on my photography skills.  It's actually a very gentle light blue.  That was followed by replacing the old medicine cabinet and light:

I have no idea what camera I was using back then, but holy cats that's bad!  After all was said and done, the bathroom ended up looking like this:

Oh!  There's the old Bruegger!  Miss that little fella!  Here's the other angle:

Since then, the shower curtain has been changed for a little less busy look:

And here's the other angle again:

And finally,  just because there are no other pictures of this that I can find, the mosaic in the shower/tub wall...

Ooo, looks like the grout needs a little cleaning there!  Anyway, not sure what the idea was when the mosaic was installed, but it's a unique feature - so it stays!  And that's the Bathroom redo of '02!
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