Legacy Project: Carport 2002

I've been completely transparent about this blog since the beginning - it's primarily a way to chronicle the developments of ol' 173, just to know when what was done. A side effect is that I get to share those developments to those who may be interested.  

This isn't a fancy blog, and it sure isn't as polished as so many of the blogs I follow, but it's a fun little hobby in itself.  Legacy Posts are a new addition.  They will be based on journal entries about projects that occurred in the years before I knew about blogging.  I don't recall where I got this journal...

...but it was a fun way of tracking our progress.  I guess it kind of shows my interest in chronicling the changes in 173 since the beginning!  The first Legacy Post will be based on entries about the carport back in 2002.  Of course there have been a couple posts about the carport over the years:  July 3, 2011 and July 3, 2016.  Holy cats!  I never notices they were both done on the 3rd of July!  Anyway, back in 2002 the carport looked like it had for decades:

As a matter-of-fact, here's a shot from the '70s:

Here's the entry from the journal:

Kinda fun looking back at these entries!  And look at that - $45 for my reciprocating saw!  That thing has been so useful!  Here's what the carport ended up looking like in '02:

Look at that corner of the yard!  Hard to believe it looked so bare!  Here's a more recent picture, taken after the second remodel:

And there's the first Legacy Post!  A nice little trip down memory lane!
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