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The Kitchen - Part 5: Paint

I soooo want to post the final pictures of the kitchen, but there's one more little job in there that needs to be done and I simply haven't gotten to it...soon...I promise.  In the meantime, I thought I'd do one of those posts that's primarily for me.  From time-to-time I post about a product of some kind or other, just so I have a record of it in case 173 needs it in the future.  In this case - it's paint.  But before I get there, let me show you something...
All of those seams where trim met trim, trim met ceiling, trim met wall, nail holes, wood flaws, etc., needed caulking,  Yeah...that was a little tedious!  On the upside, I've become pretty efficient at caulking, and find it somehow...therapeutic!  Please don't ask me to explain - I can't!
Okay - on to the paint!  Selecting the colors for the kitchen was surprisingly easy, there was an original plan, and then may two or three revisions until the scheme was decided upon.  Of course I looked a lots …

Made at 173: The (New) Medicine Cabinet

In our last post I talked about an old Made at 173  project - the old medicine cabinet.
As you can see, the cabinet was overflowing with those remedies to ameliorate the pains and dyspeptic disorders of the aging denizens of 173,  Clearly it was time for a larger cabinet, and what better time than after a relatively major project that left scraps lying about the ol' workshop.  If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I like finding uses for project scraps, most of which can be seen on the Made at 173  page at the top of the blog.   And so it began,  The plan was simple - make a bigger medicine cabinet, and use only materials leftover from the kitchen project, or stuff on hand at 173.   The divider and shelves were an interesting mix...sawn-to-size, repurposed shelved from the kitchen nook, a piece of scrap wood, and a piece of scrap PVC board from some long-forgotten project.  The door were also made from some piece acquired long ago: The hinges were leftover…