The Kitchen - Part 2: Ceiling

When last me met, the ceiling looked like this:
Obviously, it was time to do something about this!  So the best idea I had (absent ripping it all out - which I wasn't ready to do) was to go over that mess.  Here's a couple shots of the progress:
Front hall as staging area.
The panels were so heavy they had to be cut in half.
Which of course meant the seams had to be covered.
Probably an easier way to make sure the
boards lined up - but I couldn't think of one!
So, that's the ceiling until the reveal.  It came out quite nice, but to be honest pulling it down and putting up a new ceiling would have been a thousand times easier.  Because of the plaster-and-lathe and the weight of the panels, I had to use toggle bolts (look closely at the pictures) to make the panels flush with the ceiling.  These things worked great:

Next up:  The walls!
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