The Kitchen - Part 1: Wainscoting

It's been awhile since the last post, but with school and work projects generally have to take  back seat.  However, One project did get started in the midst of my last class - the kitchen.  I still recall the day we had the first viewing of 173 way back in 1997, and the first thing noticed was that the kitchen needed to be redone.  Well, here we are 20 years later, and it's finally getting a refresh.  I'm still looking forward to one day having a complete remodel, but at least for now it's looking better.  The kitchen was so bad, I used to take pictures in black and white: 
Here's an old grainy pic looking toward the front hallway.  Dear lord, when you are living in it, you don't realize how bad it looks...soooo much stuff!
Same end, looking at the other side:
Then looking toward the back yard:
As I go through this post, I'll point out a few key
This is in the breakfast nook.  The paint on the walls was peeling badly...I wanted to tear the walls out, but this was intended to be a quick refresh, so I just went with wainscoting.  Just like the basement stairwell, I milled my own chair rail, and the rest easy peasy!
Good start.  But then there was the ceiling.  It looked like they butted sheetrock up against plaster-and-lathe, and over the years the joint loosened and of course there was the ever-present loose paint:
Then there was this hole, that I created when there was a leak from the bathroom. I'm not going to tell you when that occurred, but here's the post about that.
So, what to do? I know! Go over it!  Stay tuned!
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