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Phase Complete

The last couple posts were about the gable and the oriel.  In this post I want to pull them together and add a couple other things that have been finished.  I think I have finally come to accept the fact that the exterior of the house - oh hell, forget about the exterior, the whole house is never really done.  But in this case, this phase (ha! phase connotes a plan!) is done, and the changes have been pretty dynamic!  I'll show a couple befores and point out some details, so bear with me.
This first picture is from several years ago...this'll set the tone:
OMG!  That wisteria, the stuff of nightmares!  And there's that dreaded rust on the fascia.  It's a funny thought how a house develops over one point we were quite proud of how 173 was looking, now looking back!!! Now... So that was the front with the gable being the most recent development.  Then there was the oriel.  This shot was from 2001 when I put in the fence (look how orange it looked!).  Then I sid…

The Oriel

In the last post about the gable I mentioned there was more to come.  Well, more has come.  There's a bump out of the dining room on 173.  It isn't much, but it adds a little architectural interest to the place.  As a matter-of-fact, all the houses on the street have the same bump out.  And, did you know there's a proper name for this bump out thing?  It's called an oriel!  Who knew?
Anyway, 173 has one, and it's always looked okay, nothing spectacular but it was nice as I said, to have that bit of architectural interest.  Here's a pic:

And another after the porch exteriors were done a couple years ago:

But here's my favorite picture.  Taken by the original owner in what looks to be about the 1930s:

After the gable was done a couple weeks ago, we had quite a bit of leftover scallops, and I was wondering what to do with them (they were a special order so they couldn't be returned).  Then the contractor had the idea to put them on the oriel (gotta use t…