The Oriel

A Little Architectural Interest

In the last post about the gable I mentioned there was more to come.  Well, more has come.  There's a bump out of the dining room on 173.  It isn't much, but it adds a little architectural interest to the place.  As a matter-of-fact, all the houses on the street have the same bump out.  And, did you know there's a proper name for this bump out thing?  It's called an oriel!  Who knew? Anyway, 173 has one, and it's always looked okay, nothing spectacular but it was nice as I said, to have that bit of architectural interest.  Here's a pic:

And another after the porch exteriors were done a couple years ago:

But here's my favorite picture.  Taken by the original owner in what looks to be about the 1930s:

After the gable was done a couple weeks ago, we had quite a bit of leftover scallops, and I was wondering what to do with them (they were a special order so they couldn't be returned).  Then the contractor had the idea to put them on the oriel (gotta use those new words!).  Here's how she looks now:

Not a great angle on that first one, but click on it and you might get a better sense. The next two are just opposite angles.

I love how it turned out.  Really gave the oriel a nice bit of interest and character, and was an excellent use of leftovers!

More to come!
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