Laundry Room Cabinet (The other one) Done

Saving a Decades Old Cabinet

Literally, for decades this old cabinet was in the laundry room.  It's a great little cabinet, lots of drawers and a top to hold baskets, laundry, etc.  The only problem was that it was in pretty rough shape...

Not only was the paint peeling badly, but some of the wood was coming apart:

So with lots of wood glue, some thin slices of 2x4, clamps and screws...

LOTS of sanding, priming and painting, and "new" knobs (left over from some long-forgotten piece of cabinet or something) she ended up looking like this:

And here it is in its "new" habitat!

So here's a before and after shot, kinda tickled with the way it turned out!

It's a shame I can't get the color to really show, it's the same color that was used on the front porch, and really adds a little pop to the laundry room. Anyway, here's a final view from another angle:

With that, that's the end of the great basement re-do of the winter.  Had no idea it would take all winter AND spring!  So the next post will be a recap of the project...time to get working outside!
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